Why Rent, our guide to launching a new business?

Launching a new hotel, restaurant or retail shop is a daunting prospect with cash flow usually being the biggest headache associated with new ventures. An EPoS system including all the required hardware and software could dent an already stretched budget which has resulted in many retailers opting for EPoS Rental.

With that mind, what are the advantages of EPoS Rental as opposed to buying an EPoS system?

Fixed Monthly Payments allows for budgets to be set knowing that the monthly payment agreed will not suddenly rise or be affected by rising inflation. A fixed monthly payment does not require a large sum of money upfront so cash flow will not take a big hit at the start of opening a new venture.

Upgrading Technology during the EPoS rental agreement is easy and pain free allowing business owners to constantly update their technology as new hardware and software are released. RST EPoS continually update and innovate as new technology becomes available and our rental customers benefit by growing alongside the company.

Ongoing Support, all EPoS rental agreements with RST EPoS benefit from getting ongoing support, 7 days a week including bank holidays. Our EPoS systems are extremely robust but unexpected problems can happen at the most in opportune times. Our customers see the ongoing support as an important benefit allowing them to concentrate on their business with peace of mind that our support team are never far away.

Tax Deductible, rental payments are looked upon as a business running cost which means they are 100% tax deductible against the businesses taxable profits. This can result in significant savings as opposed to paying upfront for an EPoS system in cash.

Flexible Rental allows for our customers to make changes during the agreement without facing heavy fines or having to jump through hoops if circumstances change for the business. The option to upgrade equipment or buy the equipment outright during an agreement are all available and at RST EPoS we are always open to ways we can help each business succeed.

As an EPoS rental agreement is coming to an end we offer many solutions for our customers in going forward such as continuing the agreement, upgrading equipment, handing the equipment back or if the business prefers they can buy a new EPoS system outright.


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